What the Social Worker Needs to Know about HIV and AIDS

Dates:June 28, 2019
Meets:F from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Location:District of Columbia
Instructor:Joan Garrity
Fee: $125.00Fee Breakdown

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Maryland and the District of Columbia combined have the highest HIV rates in the United States. Fortunately, with the advances in HIV-related medical care, not everyone who is infected will ever receive an AIDS diagnosis. Yet many in our area are living with AIDS; a not insignificant number of those are seniors, facing the effects of HIV infection along with the expected challenges of aging. And regardless of their health status, individuals living with the virus confront many difficulties. Stigma is ongoing, fear still exists, and clients you encounter may be struggling to understand their own diagnosis, as well as how to maneuver in the health care system. There is also the need for strong efforts towards prevention: the use of the latest medicines to treat HIV for those infected, along with the use by uninfected individuals of medicines that can now completely prevent infection, could stop the epidemic in its tracks. All of us, no matter our discipline, can contribute to the work of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. The goal of this workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding needed to provide service to those infected with HIV/AIDS, and to help all clients understand how they can avoid infection altogether.