NEW Understanding and Exploring the Role of Attachment Deficits and Strengths

Dates:July 26, 2019
Meets:F from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Location:Shady Grove
Instructor:Veronica Cruz, LCSW-C
Fee: $145.00

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Participants in this workshop will explore early attachment theories and models in relationship to overall mental and physical health. The stages of attachment in addition to various attachment theories will be explored, including but not limited to that of Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby, and Konard Lorenz. Participants will address the various deficits and strengths in attachment styles and learn key protective factors and resiliency concepts to help individuals thrive despite deficits in early childhood attachment. A myriad of treatment modalities will be explored, to include but not limited to strengths-based theories, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and art therapy. The presenter is a bicultural, forensic social worker specializing in criminal defense mitigation, dual diagnosis, crisis intervention, addictions, trauma, and work with diverse ethnic groups. This is an interactive workshop in which case vignettes will be presented and participants will work in a group setting.