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Corey Beauford, LICSW

Daniella Cortez Cavenagh, PhD Daniella Cortez Cavenagh, Ph.D., ABPP, is a clinical psychologist with a background in treating multi-diagnosed, trauma-exposed public sector medical patients. Dr. Cavenagh earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, completed a clinical internship at the Baltimore VA Medical Center, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Cavenagh began her career at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine where she was an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and the CBT Training Track Coordinator at San Francisco General Hospital. In this position she taught, supervised, served as a CBT consultant on medical research studies, and provided clinical services to a very diverse, multi-cultural population. In 2008, she transitioned to private practice, focusing on individual CBT with adults and adolescents. While in private practice, she held adjunct faculty appointments at Argosy University and Drexel University College of Medicine. Prior to her current position as a psychologist at the Philadelphia VA, Dr. Cavenagh was the Director of Education at Beck Institute. Dr. Cavenagh is board certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology.

Veronica Cruz, LCSW-C

Rebecca Davis, MSW, LCSW

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Karen Gail Lewis, PhD

Julie Gilliam, Sc.D, M.S.

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Dale Masi, PHD, LCSW-C, CEAP

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Adolf Reed, PhD

Linda Reynolds Wise, MBA

Shoshana Ringle, PhD

Robert Scuka, PhD, MSW, LCSW-C

Bernie Showers, LCSW, BCD

Nicholette Smith-Bligen, LCSW-C, LICSW

Marsha Stein, LCSW-C

Collette Walker-Thomas, LCSW-C

Susan Westgate, MBA, LCSW-C