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09/19/2019ONLINE: NEW Financial Social Work in Action: Direct Practice with Vulnerable Populations
09/20/2019Walking in My Shoes: Helping Children and Families Work Through Abuse *HALF DAY*
09/20/2019Ethical Trauma-Informed Care with Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Children and Adults *HAL
09/20/2019NEW Think it Over: Ways to Encourage Staff to Employ Critical Thinking *HALF DAY*
09/20/2019Licensure Preparation
09/24/20199.24: Virtual Q&A Session for London, England Global Learning Program
09/26/2019Understanding and Meeting the Special Needs of Gay and Lesbian Seniors
10/02/2019The Silent Victims: Children of Incarcerated Parents
10/03/2019ONLINE: Addicted to the "LIKES": Social Media and Mental Health *HALF DAY*
10/03/2019General Supervision for New Supervisors
10/10/2019Financial Stability: Finding Online Tools to Manage Money and Reach Financial Goals *HALF DAY*
10/11/2019NEW Sleep and Mental Health *HALF DAY*
10/11/2019NEW Practice & Ethical Consideration: Organizational Ethics *HALF DAY*
10/11/2019NEW Encouraging Growth Through Effective Performance Evaluation *HALF DAY*
10/16/2019NEW Diverse and Inclusive Leadership
10/16/2019NEW Building Clinical Confidence
10/17/2019How to Create Welcoming Environments and Services for People with Minority Sexual Orientation
10/17/2019Ethical Considerations and Strategies for Addressing the Issue of Confidentiality
10/18/2019ONLINE: Money and Wellness: The Intersections of Financial and Behavioral Health