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09/20/2018Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit: Adding a Social Work Lens to Financial Empowerment
09/21/2018Licensure Prep Course
09/21/2018Secrets to Habit Change HALF DAY
09/21/2018Understanding Your Leadership Style and Potential to Lead
09/26/2018Poverty and the Brain
09/27/2018General Supervision for New Supervisors
09/28/2018NEW Building Trust Inside Your Team
09/28/2018Working with Children Exposed to Domestic Violence HALF DAY
09/28/2018Ethical Consideration and Racial Bias in Social Work Balance
09/28/2018Strengthening Society through Stronger Parenting
10/03/2018NEW Understanding and Exploring the Trauma of Undocumented Immigrants
10/03/2018Tackling the Gorilla In the Room: Ethical Ways to Have Difficult Conversations
10/04/2018Trauma Resilient Interventions: A Playful Approach to Addressing Trauma
10/04/2018Developing the Ethical Practice of Those You Supervise
10/05/2018Responding to the Grand Challenge of Ending Homelessness
10/05/2018Race and Therapy in a Post-Obama Era
10/05/2018Essential CBT Tools and Techniques
10/10/2018HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, and Care: Cutting-Edge Information and Implications for Social
10/11/2018ONLINE: 12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Familes
10/12/2018Understanding and Applying Coaching to Leadership Situations:
10/17/2018NEW Building Resepct Through Communication
10/17/2018Infidelity and Affairs: Helping Couples Heal Their Broken Hearts
10/18/2018NEW Didactic Training on Theory Underlying CBT and Its Application to Treatment of Substance Us
10/18/2018NEW Working with the Silent Child
10/19/2018CHANGED: It's a Jungle Out There: Identifying the ethical challenges in private practice.